Improving the Lot of the Girl Child

October 11th every year is dedicated to celebrating the girl child. This day is meant to recognize the uniqueness of the girl child as well as advocate for rights as she is constantly faced with discrimination and marginalization.

This year’s theme is such a distinct one; Digital Generation, Our Generation as it focuses on promoting the development of digital skills of girls around the world. The pandemic explores the enormous power of social media as, despite the lockdown imposed by different nations nevertheless, we stayed connected.

Social media today is a strong tool for advocacy as we have seen policies been changed through engaging on social media. Ironically, quite a lot of girls are yet to fully explore the advantages of Social Media.

Social media not only present girls with a space to air their voices but also an empowering tool if it is utilized effectively such as the digital market that enhances their economic status.

Therefore, we are appeal to the government to encourage these girls in getting digitized especially those in the rural areas through digital skills training needs providing tools with which they can work just as Governor Ifeanyi Okowa did in Delta State.

This way, the girls will become empowered and by extension, we will have a powered nation.

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