Gaining Mastery of Time

Adaku had to sit for this particular examination during her second year in college. To be successful in it, she is required to provide the right answers to the questions that were asked as well as effectively manage the time given. She was expected to answer 5 questions within 2 hours.

This is similar to the workspace where we are saddled with several responsibilities that our organization expects us to achieve within a limited period. This is because organizations set goals and objectives that are time-bound. Hence, effective time management is required to achieve these assigned tasks to be productive at work and make contributions towards achieving the organizational goals and objectives. For Blaz Kos “effective time management skills are the pillar of the world most productive people.

In order to be effective and efficient with your time, you need to;
1. Plan: this would enable you strategize and allot time to different tasks, this way you can work timely and achieve more.

2. Set boundaries and learn to say no: indeed we are want to be in our colleagues’ good book however, without setting defined boundaries and saying no politely, we tend to become over burdened with tasks and this would make us less productive.

3. Prioritization and decision making: place assigned tasks in hierarchy with the ones that are most important at the top. This will help you decide which task you begin with first.

4. Delegate and outsource tasks: tasks can be overwhelming when you got a lot to achieve, therefore assign or outsource some of the tasks to other colleagues. You can get a freelance as the case may require. The goal is to get things done and achieve individual as well as organizational productivity.

Finally learn to build system and follow it diligently. Avoid procrastination, time they say is money therefore you should resist wasting it.

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