From Background to Mainstream

Of recent young women and girls have been making tremendous fits. Shaking the mainstream and breaking global records has become the new normal for young women globally. It is no longer news that young women are no longer on the disadvantaged scale.

Nature and all that is in it are in the favour of young women. This means there is no room to give excuses on why you haven’t recorded one progress or the other.

Your achievements today may not be laudable but hey, you must have to start celebrating yourself while at it until you get the desired recognition needed to have the world on its feet giving you an ovation.

Today is Wednesday and Wednesday and always are days we choose to celebrate women in their little or significant achievements. Never wait for the gold crown to believe you are good enough to wear it. Start from your mind, bring them forth and watch them grow into fully fledged achievements.

You can be in the mainstream too.

Here is a toast to all girls and young women who are striving to be more than what the norm portrays.

From HEIR Women Hub, we want to say we cherish you.

© HEIR Women Hub

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