“Amanda wake up, Philip is hear to see you.”

I heard Joy’s voice from my sleep. I woke up clumsily and responded to her.
“Where is he? And what does he want? It’s 10 pm already,” I asked.

“Well, I don’t know, I guess it’s about the election. There’s only one way to find out, he is in the common room.”

Bola and I hurried to the common room to meet Philip. The way he was pacing around made me know there was an emergency.

“Amanda, you need to step down for Kolade, it is no longer news that you’ve won the heart of the majority of students in school. Kolade and his team are threatening to unleash fire if you do not step down. They attacked our block today, we managed to escape but it was frightful.”

“My God! Thank God you’re safe. About me stepping down, I am not going to do that for anything. I’d rather lose the elections than lose the faith everyone has in me. Has the security been informed?”

“Security? Common Amanda, you talk as if you don’t know how these cult boys run their packages, of course, they have informants there too. Please, for our sanity’s sake, step down.”

“I will do no such thing. Do you suggest I step down for people who would only embezzle students’ resources? No way!”

“Amanda, please listen to him, you’re a lady oh,” Bola added?

“I am a lady, yes. Does that make me less human? Not at all. You guys, leave this to me, the election is tomorrow. I know what to do.”

I managed to calm myself down as I stepped back into my room. I made some calls and in no time, the situation was calm.

It was Election Day and my opponent still offered to bribe me with 500,000 naira to step down, I felt insulted but I ignored it. Their major pain was losing to a female and it made me wonder if ladies were lesser humans.

At about 5 pm, the results were announced and I was declared the winner and the SUG president in my institution. I got discouraged at many points but I was certain about one thing and that was victory.

This is my opportunity to serve and change the narrative, may I succeed.

The end.

Dear young woman, it is no news that you would be faced with challenges when you try to do something different but in all of this, do not give up on yourself. You may not get there on your first attempt but keep at it, you will overcome soon.

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