Expanding Your Professional Network; a key to career advancement

After the first year in college, Debbie was placed on probation as her grades were not looking good and if there is an improvement, she could be withdrawn. This made Debbie so worried and this was affecting her both mentally and emotionally.

Luckily for her, a friend of hers introduced Debbie to Joy who was top of their class. Presented with this awesome opportunity, she made sure that she maintained her relationship with Joy as this led to a gradual but speedy improvement in her grades.

Just like Debbie, quite a several people are struggling professionally. However, they do not see the need to build and develop their professional network. Having the right persons professional is instrumental to your growth and productivity. Through this, you get clear direction on how to get your goals achieved. Equally, this presents you with an opportunity to build self-confidence.

Your network opens you up to new information that would strengthen your capacity to deliver on your job as the exchange of ideas help enhance your mental, social and emotional development. In addition, you get to be introduced to more opportunities to grow career-wise. Like the saying goes “your network determines your net worth” and “together we can achieve more”. Hence, you must be intentional about your professional network because having the right people makes work easy.

At your workplace and business meetings, be deliberate in making friends as this gives you career advancement.

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