Executive Director’s Statement


The 16 Days of Activism is geared towards ending violence against women and girls all around the world. History records that 3 Mirabel Sisters got killed by secret police in the Dominican Republic as a result of their involvement in a protest against a dictatorial government on the 25th of November 1960. In 1991, November 25 every year was set to commemorate their death as well as coordinate efforts to end all forms of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) around the world. In Nigeria, women and girls continue to experience systemic, structural, and institutional violence with a snail-speed judicial process in prosecuting offenders. VAWG and Sexual Exploitation and Harassment (SEAH) continue to be a major impediment to the economic, leadership growth, and development of women and girls.

The recent research conducted by HEIR Women Hub with support from Ford Foundation revealed various forms of violence against young women are prevalent in the work environment both formal and informal sectors. 51% of 1060 respondents have been sexually harassed at workplaces, with 14% of them raped at work. 13.3% of the respondents are persons living with disabilities.

There has been a remarkable focus and voice towards eliminating this SEAH and VAWG through the unrelenting efforts of Women’s Rights Organizations (WRO), Human Rights Defenders, and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) however, tackling this hierarchical oppression will require an all-inclusive approach.

This year’s theme; is “Unite! Activism to End Violence Against Women and Girls is a welcome strategy to galvanize collaboration and collective efforts. HEIR Women Hub believes that through collaboration and partnership, we can end violence against women and girls as no sustainable development can be attained if SEAH and VAWG are not curbed.

HEIR Women Hub, through her impact-driven initiatives, commits to continue in the amplification of voices through a partnership with critical stakeholders, actors, and the Media toward curbing all forms of SEAH and VAWG.

A VAWG-SEAH-free society is attainable and it is what we want!

© Añuli Aniebo Ola-Olaniyi, ED, HEIR Women Hub


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