Ending the Month


Dear Woman! In today’s world, many people are entangled in doing so much that they end up doing nothing. Others keep making decisions in probability and not in certainty. They go about saying, “I may do this” or “do that” but end up doing nothing at all. It is a good thing to speak but it is a lot better to achieve.

As May ends, be more certain about your goals, it shouldn’t be a ‘may’ instance but a ‘will’ instance. Understand this, you’ll keep going in circles until you decide to take the bull by the horn and do what must be done. Take away words of uncertainty when you want to achieve great things within a time frame.

Go back to your vocabulary and have some words omitted. May and Might are uncertain, Will, shall, and Must are all you need this season.

With certainty comes actualization, and with uncertainty comes costly compromises. June is coming and it is not waiting for anybody, this means, to stay relevant and at the top, you must ensure to be particular about your choices.

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