Effective Communication Tips

Effective communication according to Ricky W. Griffin is the process of sending a message in such a way that the message received is as close in meaning as possible to the message intended.
Career advancement largely depends on how effective an individual can communicate and this is true of the progress of the organization as well. Therefore, regular communication skills development is important for interpersonal relationships in the corporate world.

Effective communication at the workplace is so critical and the following aspects should be taken into cognizance for any communication to be effective;

1. Active listening and questioning: For communication to be effective, one needs to give people time to explore their thoughts and ideas as well as ask thoughtful. This enables you to build trust, save time, detect challenges and proffer solutions.

2. Maintaining eye contact: whether you are at the sending end or receiving end, you should ensure that all time you maintain eye contact. This shows that you are confident and have a good grasp of the topic as well as your interest in the message being passed.

3. Body Language: Body language makes 50% of every communication hence, this is factor must be considered as you communicate. This is because imbedded in this are messages others are trying to pass across.

In summary effective communication is an essential part of personal and professional development and should be of utmost importance, you can take courses online to improve your communication skills.

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