Do You Plan?

Do You Plan Your Time?

As funny as this may sound, there are a host of people who start the week without making any plans. When you push further to ask why, they may be quick to give some excuses to dodge from reality.

Wait! Hope you’re not on this table? Whether you work for someone, you own your own business or you’re a stay at home person, probably because you’re on an holiday or something, you need to plan.

Even when on the sick bed planning is important, as you must keep track on your medications and all of that.
Planning doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be unforeseen circumstances, it only suggest that in the midst of these unforeseen circumstances, it will be easier to overcome.

If you’re a salary earner for example and you work 5 days in a week, you’d need to plan and most importantly fix a time frame to achieve of the task on your to do list. Fixing a time frame will help you stay on your toes as you work with the available resources to have what’s on your desk covered.
Never be too busy to plan, prosper planning may be what will help ease your stress when you are overwhelmed.

Here is a list of what you should plan on.

1. Money. Plan your money, make a budget of what you will spend weekly, monthly or anyhow that best suits you.

2. Time. Not every thing deserves your time. Do well to scan through all that concerns you and plan how day in and out you’d achieve them without over working yourselves.

3. Plan your needs. Do not wait until you’re sent a note before you remember to settle your children fees. Do not wait till your landlord comes knocking before you starting gathering your rent. Do not wait till you’re hungry before you begin to reason what to eat.

4. Plan for the unforeseen. Always have some monies stored up somewhere for when you’d have some emergencies. Have savings. It helps when it gets tough.

In all sincerity, knowing what to do per time as a result of proper preparation saves nine. Now that you know all of this. You can begin, by making a daily or weekly to-do list, for yourself, your job or business, and your family. You may not achieve it all at a go but you’d be guided on where you’re headed.

This week holds so much but it is all in your hands.

Have a splendid week.

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