Dealing with Stress at Work

Health is wealth, and no matter how much of a workaholic you are, you will need rest. Many people have been trapped in stress without even realizing it.

Work stress is the emotional and physical response when the requirement at work doesn’t fit into a worker’s capabilities. Work stress can birth severe health challenges.

What Causes Job Stress?

1. Working Under Pressure.

It is impossible not to be faced with times where you must work under pressure, but when this becomes reoccurring, it can lead to stress. Pressure can come from multiple tasks, inability to complete the job on time, or lack of understanding of tasks.

2. Panic.

Panic is caused when targets are set, and you’re finding it difficult to beat these targets. It is that moment when you’re more bothered about the ticking clock than you are about achieving goals.

3. Job Insecurity.

Insecurity at the workplace leaves workers with low performance and stress. A worker with more security at work is said to perform better than one who does not have job security.

4. Conflict.

This conflict is mostly between superiors and subordinates. When there is an unresolved rift within a workplace, tension builds, increasing stress which affects the subordinate and even the superior.

Managing Work Stress.

1. Identify Stress.

Identifying the cause of your stress will help you know how to address it.

2. Check your Reactions.

People react to stress differently; check how you react to stress physically. Do you get migraines, feel drained, or find it difficult to sleep? Identifying your reaction will help you explain yourself to your health adviser, who would proffer options for you.

3. Exercise More.

Doing something outside your work will help you cool off and ease stress. Get an exercise routine and stay committed to it.

4. Choose a Relaxation Technique.

Get a technique that makes you cool off. It could walk at intervals, meditation, reading. This helps so much in relieving stress.

5. Rest More.

It could be a nap at break time or more sleep at night. Rest helps rejuvenate your body and renews you for better productivity.

6. Embrace Team Spirit.

If you can’t do it, seek assistance. This will save you panic and so many issues.

In conclusion, Stress will come, but before it does, be equipped to conquer it.

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