Creating Your Territory

No human can survive independent of others. There is a social need for every individual under the sun. In one daily desire to meet the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing, it is inevitable to relate without humans.

In all of these, it is crucial to have your territory defined. The people who are found around you, the closest of them is a significant part of what you are. Who are in your circle? What influence do they have on you? The truth is, you may not realize the impact of your daily interactions with people. You may not know when they have influenced you positively or negatively. This is why you must learn to define territories.

Sincerely, you cannot avoid everyone around you, but you can define your relations with them. Your circle will make you or mare you.

Today’s article urges you to be particular about people you allow access to your life. We shall be listing groups you could create or join to improve yourself.

1. Circle of friends. Friends are reflections of who you are. Most of your ideologies are built from these people. In building friendship, be particular about quality, not quantity.

2. Circle of models. These are people you look up to, submit to or believe. These could be your role models or mentors. If you have different interests, having a mentor in each of your areas of interest will set you apart. Closely survey and pick mentors, not because they are rich or famous but because you can submit to them and connect with them.

3. Family Circle. It is said that blood is thicker than water. It will be challenging to avoid toxic family members but not impossible. If avoiding them is impossible, design a model on how best you can relate to them. It might interest you to know that your family circle has a great influence in your make up. Cherish them.

4. Love circle. Everyone wants to love and be loved but if your desire turns you into being a desperado or getting abused, you must watch it. Love is an ointment on a dry skin not a knife to your skin. Be careful who you allow access to your heart.

5. Impact circle. Who are the people who look up to you? Those you mentor or influence? Check their lives to see what your inputs have built. If it’s negative, fix it and if it’s positive uphold it. Do what you must to ensure the people who listens to you or work with you are improving.

In our next article, we would talk about how to know, avoid and handle negative influence.

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