Breaking the Bias of Sexual Harassment at workplaces to mark the International Women’s Day 2022.

Breaking the Bias of Sexual Harassment at workplaces to mark the International Women’s Day 2022.

HEIR Women Development held 2 live sessions last weekend on Twitter Spaces, and IG live to mark International Women’s Day. These two sessions were held on the 7th of March and the 11th of March.

It was enlightening and expository as we had guests from different works of life who spoke extensively on Breaking the Bias of Sexual harassment at workplaces.
We learned that sexual harassment is beyond rape and sexual assault; it goes deeper to unwanted sexual advances, online stalking, and so much more. About 51% of women we interviewed during our last report on Career barriers and workplace sexual harassment in Nigeria argued that online stalking and comments are not considered forms of sexual harassment which suggests a great deal of ignorance. Our guests also supported this motion making us understand that sensitization needs to be done.

Although at the end of both sessions, we knew that we hadn’t even touched the scratch on this topic, we plan to subsequently organize workshops and other gatherings for sensitive young women and cause a change to a large extent.
Some of the guests who honored us at these sessions are; Mr. Idoko Isaac, Madam Adaora Onyechere, Madam Munachi Ike, Mr. Tunde Ademefun, Mr. Jimmy Chinedu, Madam Kate Ochigbe, and Mr. Emeka.

HEIR Women Development Executive Director Madam Añuli Aniebo Ola-Olaniyi and HEIR Women Development Project Officer Blessing Ejeh are available to expound on this topic.

Some of the recommendations drawn from our guests include sensitization (virtual and physical), more research, inputting more workable policies, and a host of other suggestions that were made to tackle the menace of Sexual Harassment at workplaces.

Our mission is to ensure ignorance is faced out and young women are enlightened more.

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