A Peer to Peer Virtual Session

HEIR Women Hub hosted a Peer to peer virtual session on Leadership and Civic Knowledge Enhancement for Young Women in the FCT.

This project began in January with a training conference held on the 25th of January and a public sensitization on the 27th of January. This was made possible by Nigeria Youth Futures Fund (NYFF) and was implemented by LEAP Africa with support from Ford Foundation and MacArthur Foundation.

The Executive Director of HEIR Women Hub, Añuli Aniebo Ola-Olaniyi gave an opening remark as she stressed the need for young women to do more and thrive amidst societal norms.

The Programs Officer of HEIR Women Hub, Blessing Ejeh shared with the participants a presentation of the 7 Core Values of National Ethics and Integrity Policy.

We had two speakers who shared their past and present political journeys with us. Barrister Juliet Juliet Isi Ikhayere, a Principal Partner at MAKHOMS-J Attorneys was in our midst and she shared with us her journey in politics, the challenges she faced, and how she is still thriving.

Comrade Sylvia Sarki who is the National Youth Coordinator, National Counsel for Women Societies (NCWS) was our second speaker yesterday told us about her experience in politics and her most recent experience, contesting for the position of the President for the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS). One can say her experience is a combination of sour and sweet. She urged young women who were in attendance to not give up on their ambition irrespective of the challenges they face.

Ene Oshaba, media personnel of Blueprint newspaper stressed the need for young women to build a good profile on their social media intentionally and engage mainstream media for impact-making in our present world.

All the participant present spoke on lessons learned, recommendations, and the ways forward.

The ED, HEIR Women Hub further buttresses the emergence of this project and expectations afterward. Adetutu Oshagbami, the Finance Officer of HEIR Women Hub gave the closing remarks and appreciated all guests and participants present. This meeting was anchored by Blessing Sani, the communications officer for HEIR Women Hub.

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