51 Percent of Women In The Workplace Have Experienced Sexual Harassment.

After gathering findings from out in-depth research on career barriers and workplace sexual harassment against young women in Nigeria. Using Abuja as a case study, we got to find out that 51% of the women we interviewed have experienced sexual harassment at the workplace.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say there is a larger percentage of women in this category as most ladies do not consider some forms of sexual harassment as an act of sexual harassment.

The level of ignorance is huge and more sensitization needs to be done to curb the menace. Solutions cannot be gotten when a problem hasn’t been realized.

Workplace sexual harassment affects the job security and output of most women.

Yes, there are policies on the ground to curb such but these policies are more or less audio as they are not implemented in most organizations.

All hands must be on deck to make sure this crisis is being tackled and tackled permanently.

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