5 Toxic Behaviour Found at Workplace

Toxic behavior is also found in the workplace as individuals make up the workspace. Therefore, if an individual’s behavior is toxic, it tends to affect their colleagues thereby having adverse effects on the operation and development of the organization. There are several toxic behaviors found in workplaces, for this article, we will be discussing five toxic behavior that should be dealt with to encourage positive organizational growth;

1. The I know It All Attitude: An organization is made up of a group of individuals that believe in the organization’s goal and vision and work collectively towards achieving those goals. However, a team that is made up of individuals that consider themselves knowing all and never submitting to learn from others will not work effectively as there will be so many bosses. This will affect the organization’s output greatly.
Therefore, colleagues must consider each other to be important and be open to learning from one another.

2. Criticisms: There is a huge difference between criticism and constructive feedback. Some colleagues never see any good in a duty performed by any other than themselves. Some specialize in providing negative assessment and even when their response is justified, how it is being presented puts the receiver off. Therefore, staff should learn to provide constructive feedback always and this incorporates the Sandwich Model; Appreciation + Feedback + Appreciation. Through this means, the individual at the receiving end will not feel attacked.

3. Procrastination: I will do it tomorrow has been destructive to the individual as well as organizational growth and development. A friend of mine said that “Procrastination kills destiny” and I agree with her as nothing ever gets done when we procrastinate. Procrastination is toxic to any organization and should be dropped through designing a to-do list, prioritizing activities, setting timelines for your goals, and being disciplined to stick to the timeline they have set.

4. Gossip: Studies have shown that gossip helps in relieving work stress and aiding the bond between colleagues. However, it can affect the organization adversely as some staff can become the centre of such gossip and rumors can be passed around about such individuals thereby leading to disagreement among the team and limiting their effectiveness as a team. Hence, work gossip hinders productivity and optimal performance of the organization and this should be strongly discouraged.

5. Passiveness: A healthy team is made up of individuals who take on an active role in ensuring that the team delivers on its mandate. However, some staff may assume a passive role and this could be as a result of an experience in the past. Therefore, they simply agree to any and everything even when they have the best option that will lead to the organization’s expansion. They do this to avoid conflict with other staff. Nevertheless, this is never beneficial to them not the organization as in the long run, they tend to lose themselves in the process as their creative thinking ability is not be utilized.

Just as no plant can successfully grow under harsh climatic conditions so also no organization can grow with a team of individuals exhibiting toxic behavior as this behavior negates the organization’s work culture.

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